15 year old Future Talent Worsley musician and saxophonist Archie, attended the Future Talent Jazz Orchestra weekend. Below he writes about the day and his experiences:

On the weekend of 18 and 19 November, I was given the great opportunity to attend a jazz orchestra workshop and concert organised by Future Talent and lead by Sam Watts. Sam is a London based jazz pianist who has his own band that play a range of musical styles that encompass klezmer/ rag time/ European cinema and African stylistic points all mashed with every jazz style going.

Attending the weekend were instrumentalists and singers from a massive range of musical styles, from opera to rock and classical to jazz. There were musicians who were comfortable improvising through to musicians who had never improvised in their lives before. Sam guided us all through the theories of improvising, learning such techniques as playing over chords, and creating backing riffs, whilst others were doing solo improvisations. The sheer talent of all the musicians showed in the way that they were able to quickly pick up the theories and create amazing improvised solos.

The weekend culminated in a concert that was attended by friends and family of the musicians and Future Talent. The concert showcased the exceptional talent of all the young musicians who played a mixture of original tunes by Sam Watts and jazz standards. The concert was warmly received and it seemed that everybody had a great time.

As someone who has lots experience improvising, I was blown away by how quickly and with such skill the other players picked up and ran with the concepts of improvisation, which shows the fantastic musicianship amongst the Future Talent young musicians."

- Written by Archie, Future Talent Worsley musician and saxophonist