Meet the Musicians Day, Royal Academy of Music


On Sunday 27th January, some of our current musicians met at The Royal Academy of Music for a workshop led by percussionist, Jez Wiles. It was an opportunity to meet new as well as familiar faces and create!

The group get ready for a day of music making

The workshop began with a discussion about the last track that we each listened to – which turned out some varied results including The Spice Girls – and how these all differed. We also discussed all of the different repertoire we were working on.

We then played a warm up game involving juggling balls which highlighted some of the many skills involved in playing music, such as taking time, not rushing and memory.

Celebrating differences and skills became the theme of the day as the workshop then segued into the creative part of the day, as we embarked on a composition for the mixed ensemble that was in the room.

Asia, Melis and Harris concentrating hard

Asia (voice), Hannah (guitar), Scottie (piano), Melis (violin), Isabella (cello) and Harris (violin) started composing by recording samples of extended techniques into their phones and manipulating them through a small modular mixing desk that created an electronic base to the composition.

Next, the musicians each selected a series of notes and chose chords which didn’t conventionally relate to one another. Rhythms were then chosen both for the melody line and in the accompaniment, and a final piece was created and performed.

The composition taking shape

The results surprised both audience and participants alike and the themes of the day shone through in the composition. It was great to have Jez lead the workshop and to see the children experience a different angle to their music making.