Lansdowne Club, London

Towards the end of October, we were very lucky to hold a concert in the beautiful ballroom of the Lansdowne Club in London. The lucky guests were witnesses to a range of Future Talent musicians, both old and new, showing off their skills.

The first performance of the evening came from alumni Elodie. She introduced herself, told us what she’d been up to since her participation in the BBC Young Musician competition earlier this year, and what she was working on at the Royal Academy of Music. She played Brahms’ Violin Sonata in G Major beautifully and astutely, and her communication with accompanist and friend Anna was evidently so well practiced it was second nature.

Next on the billing was flautist Brioni. New to Future Talent, this was her first involvement with us since the auditions in September. It was a joy to see how excited she was to be performing! Her pieces were played with such unbelievable maturity for such a young musician, and the audience were thoroughly impressed.

Brioni was thrilled to be performing with Future Talent for the first time

Third was Scottie, another musician for whom this was a first Future Talent concert. Scottie gave the most varied performance of the evening, starting with a Rachmaninov prelude and finishing with his own jazzy arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely. Both pieces, though completely different in style, were delivered with astonishing accuracy and feeling, and the whoops and cheers at the end of his performance suggested his Stevie was particularly impressive!

Next we heard to dulcet tones of Tiger’s cello, in the form of Mendelssohn’s Variations concertante Op. 17. Supported by Future Talent since 2017, Tiger told us about what he’s been working on and involved in lately, as well as a bit about the Mendelssohn. He played with a clear understanding of the nuances of this gorgeous music.

Closing the concert was another Future Talent alumni, in the form of saxophonist Rob. An accomplished young musician, and another BBC Young Musician finalist, it was a joy to hear him play a lesser-heard repertoire with such vigour and verve.

All the performers were simply stunning, and we can’t wait to hear them all again soon!

The performers received enthusiastic cheers and applause from a grateful audience