Applications for the 2019 Coombs Scholarship are now open!

Applications must be submitted by noon on 16 September 2019.

Applications for all other awards are now closed, and will reopen in Spring 2020.

The Coombs Scholarship is a biennial award made to an exceptional young musician of any genre aged between 16 and 17 who are in transition from full-time education to music specialism. It is the most prestigious award made by the Charity.

A prize of £2,000 per annum will be awarded to one exceptionally talented musician between the ages of 16 and 17, that can be used to fund any aspect of the winner’s musical progression, including the cost of a new instrument, academic fees or specialist tuition/course fees. It cannot be used for general costs such as travel and accommodation.

Prospective Coombs Scholars must be nominated by their teachers.

For more information, please download the Coombs Application Pack by clicking the button below.

Download Coombs Application Pack

Read on for information about:

- The application process and auditions (only relevant to Robinson, Worsley & Bramall applicants)
- What the Young Musicians Development Programme offers to Future Talent musicians
- Information about Future Talent's different financial Awards, including what they can and can't be used for

Auditions (Worsley, Robinson and Bramall Awards only)

Please note: Applications for all awards besides the Coombs Scholarship are now closed and will reopen in Spring 2020.

Successful applicants will be invited to audition. There will be three audition days:

Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester – 1 September 2019

Royal Academy of Music, London – 8 September 2019

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff – 21 September 2019

Applicants need only attend one audition day.


Applicants should prepare two contrasting pieces for their audition.

At least one of these must differ from the recordings provided as part of the application.


- We offer to provide piano accompaniment.

- Applicants may arrange their own accompanist if preferred.

- Equipment (e.g. drum kit, microphone, amplifier etc.) can be provided upon request.

- Auditions will last approximately 10 minutes, and will include the applicant playing both of their pieces as well as having a chat with the panel

- The audition panel will consist of Future Talent staff and associated professional musicians.

- The panel may choose to hear the whole piece, or stop the applicant midway through playing. Please be aware that this does not reflect the panel’s thoughts on the performance or their decision.

Results & post-audition

Following the auditions, we will contact all applicants, regardless of outcome, as soon as possible, but this may take a couple of weeks.

Successful applicants will be able to make use of their financial Award thereafter.


For unsuccessful applicants, we offer to cover expenses of travelling to and from auditions.

We offer to cover:

- Car travel at a rate of £0.35p per mile

- Train tickets and public transport costs (proof of purchase required – eg. Tickets, receipts or confirmation emails)


Please note: Future Talent will cover the above costs up to the following amounts only:

- Under 25 miles travelled – not covered

- 25-50 miles travelled – up to £25

- 50-100 miles travelled – up to £50

- 100-250 miles travelled – up to £75

- 250+ miles travelled – up to £100

Future Talent's Young Musicians Development Programme

The Programme runs in line with the academic year and aims to offer each musician:

Advice and support from Future Talent’s Relationship Manager

Mentoring from a professional, relevant to the musician’s instrument or musical interests

Performance opportunities with orchestras and other ensembles

Masterclasses and workshops with professional musicians

Financial awards

As well as the support and opportunities above, musicians receive a financial award. The different awards are outlined below.

Worsley Award

£1000 per year for three years

Recipients must be under 16 on 1 September 2019.

Robinson Award

£1000 for one year

Recipients must be aged 16-17 on 1 September 2019. Musicians can receive this award more than once.

Liz and Terry Bramall Scholarship

£2000 per year until the recipient is 18 years old

Recipients must be under 18 on 1 September 2019 and must reside permanently in Yorkshire or the North West of England.

Coombs Scholarship

£2000 per year for two years

Awarded to one musician every two years. The recipient must be age 16-17 on 1 September 2019.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to perform in a concert where the winner will be selected by a panel of judges.

Fledgling Award

Amounts awarded vary and are determined based on need and intended usage

Separate from the Young Musicians Development Programme, this award is tailored for musicians aged 8-12 in earlier stages of musical development who currently attend a junior programme at a UK Conservatoire.

Awards can contribute towards musical expenses such as:

• Music lessons

• Instrument purchase or hire

• Ensembles membership fees

• Junior Conservatoire fees

• Residential training course fees

• Graded music exam fees

Awards cannot be put towards the costs of any of the following:

• Travel and accommodation

• Anything that took place prior to the award being given

• Means-tested fees at music specialist schools